ITensor Collaboration

E. Miles Stoudenmire
UC Irvine
Miles has been the lead developer of ITensor since 2010, and is currently supported thanks to the Simons Foundation.
Steven R. White
UC Irvine
Steve developed the original ITensor code and remains actively involved.

We are grateful for generous support from the Simons Foundation.

ITensor Contributors

Jessica Alfonsi, University of Padova
Gonzalo Alvarez, Oak Ridge (creator of DMRG++)
Andrey Antipov, University of Michigan
Hitesh Changlani, Univ. of Illinois
Guy Cohen, Tel Aviv University
Stefan Depenbrock
Andy Ferris, ICFO
Jan Gukelberger, ETH Zürich
Mingpu Qin, William and Mary
Erik Schnetter, Perimeter Institute
Lucas O. Wagner, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Zhenyue Zhu, UC Irvine

Become a Contributor

  1. Create a github account, then fork our code repository, creating your own personal copy.

    (Help on forking a repo.)

  2. Make your edits and commit them (using git commit). It's best to make multiple small commits explaining the changes at each step. If you plan to send us more changes in the future, it's best to create a topic branch and push your changes to that.

  3. Push the changes to your personal repo (usually just a git push or push your topic branch), then send us a pull request. This enables us to pull your changes into our main repo.

  4. We may add comments or edits to your pull request. If it's approved, your contribution will be instantly included in the latest library and we will add your name to this page.